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Contact me at above stated email for supplying interests.
Ordering in batches of 100 pairs


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  • March 2009




    DESIGNER: ice angel

    Brushes: Fractured-Sanity.Org
    Model: Xiao Lan

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Notice: This shop has closed ^^ My friend has set up/continued a new shop overseas at, will be as reliable as mine, please check it out, thanks ^^

    USD$14(exclude shipping)
    per pair of lenses. (+extra shipping for overseas)
    I'm buying the lenses
    DIRECTLY from Korean Geo Medical, no in-between supplying to me and all that rubbish.
    Only difference is, I'll need to order a
    minimum of 100 pairs per order to obtain this price.
    However, with the low price offered, I expect orders to be filling up faster than usual, so the waiting period will be much less! Don't Have to wait for any deadline!
    =Supplying as well! Email me if interested. This is to fill up the batch orders of 100 pairs even faster!=

    O, a reminder: extra shipping for overseas :)

    Our PREORDER is being offered for batches of 100, there will be NO DEADLINE. Your orders will be processed and shipped after we receive the lens from Korea Manufacturer.

    Batch organiser email: ( for enquiries and orders!)

    PAYMENT choices:
    Paypal to acct(invoicing is also available).
    Overseas Telegraphic Transfer to POSB Savings 126-93297-9
    Money Order
    Cash payment via concealed mailing

    Will arrive around 3 weeks after batch order of 100 pairs has been made! ->MEANING CONFIRMATION OF ORDERS+PAYMENT WITH GEO~

    -No reserving of stock, only payment. No payment = no order!
    -Batch orders will proceed on in batches of 100 pairs! To get your lenses fast, order+pay fast ^^
    -For any changes to your orders, do email me again the change TOGETHER WITH the items you originally ordered n want to add on/delete.
    -Do double check order is correct, I'll ensure correct order is passed on to supplier!
    -If wrong shipment or item arrives due to supplier or my fault, I'll help you all get an exchange for the item.
    Items will be sent out within two days upon receiving it from suppler!

    1. Degrees for left and right eye can be different. BC= 8.6, Diameter = 14.0
    2. Only for Myopia, Not for Astig.
    3. All bottles are air sealed and in perfect condition when they're mailed to you.
    4. Each pair can last 6-12 months. (soaking lens with protein-removing solution regularly.

    BIG WARNING/Disclaimer:*Do check with your optician before you purchase if you've never worn lenses before! I can only guarantee that the lenses are authentic, but I cannot guarantee that they are 100% suitable for your eyes! A small percentile of people have extremely dry eyes(an example of many things) etc and are less suitable to wear contact lenses~
    I'll do my best to ensure: Every single pairs of lenses sold by me is from GEO + check for any safety issues with GEO lenses, but any eye problems contracted from wearing lenses bought does not hold me responsible~
    Animation lenses are not encouraged to be worn daily like normal lenses, they might not be 100% suitable to all eyes.
    Motto~ Safety before $$! ~
    >I do not Prescribe contact lenses nor do i Practise<

    - She's Done With Her Words...# ;